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Sometimes in life, we do not get the chance to experience all we can in the world. As a result, we have to help ourselves with any simulation game to try new stuff and gain fresh perspectives. With sim games, we have the pleasure to do things that we otherwise would never get to try out, things like Microsoft Flight Simulator, Forza Motorsport, Assetto Corsa Competizione, Euro Truck Simulator, and even Animal Crossing within this genre.

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From dating Sim, to sim racing and farming sim, you have the opportunity to play everything in simulator games. Even though you can buy Prison Architect, Theme Park, or Arma through Steam or Xbox Game Pass, the sims we have included here are sims you can try, absolutely free. Dive into this magical world and escape reality with our best free sim games!

Dirt Rally Driver HD

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A fantastic racing game simulation in which you must test your driving skills in a vast rally game open world. Similar to Forza Motorsport, Project Car, and Dirt Rally, the road is yours for the taking in this driving game.

Dirt Rally Drive HD features
  • Challenging race courses to test your racing aptitude
  • Realistic car effects from different scenes
  • Unleash your nitro to secure your title
  • More than 100 races on different tracks with unique challenges and weather conditions in this racing simulator
  • Unlock 19 racing cars with unique characteristics and capabilities to choose from
  • High quality graphics with realistic physics
  • Warehouse to earn rewards
Release Date22 February 2019
Genre Racing
OS PC Windows
LanguageEnglish (United States)
Memory1024 MB RAM
File Size158 Mb

Rail Nation

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In Rail Nation you must be the top railway tycoon as you master the technical and lucrative side of your railway company and compete worldwide for the title of the richest railway Tycoon. Watch out for badly maintained equipment to prevent deadly accidents on your rail network!

You will also have to build up your country's railways and infrastructure to collect as many prestige points as possible. You can do this by upgrading your rail system, purchasing more cargo trains or passenger trains, delivering more goods, investing in industries, or participating in competitions. Unlike War Thunder, you can have a peaceful life as you manage these tycoon games.

  • Super realistic economy simulation
  • Six eras of railway history as you build up the rail industry, with each era lasting 14 days except in express servers
  • Research ultramodern electric engines and technologies
  • Experience historic steam engines and choose from 150 realistic engines and trains
  • Three different game scenarios, with a special train and rail line
  • Form associations and corporation with other players
  • Over 35+ types of trains with 48 unique wagons for transportation of freight
  • Teamwork based game - Make sure to cooperate with other players within your city to be successful!
  • Compete with 50 cities and be the first city to send all goods in the 6th era to win!
Release Date05 October 2018
Genre MMO Time Management
Game Developer Travian Games
OS PC Windows
LanguageEnglish (United States)
Memory1024 MB RAM
File Size1 Mb

Airport Madness 3D

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In this simulator game, be an air traffic controller in Airport Madness 3D at high speed when things happen compared to real-life where things happen slower. Aircraft raise their nose during the takeoff rotation and the landing flare. If you're familiar with any other flight simulator video game, you could find a new home in Airport Madness 3D.

Airport Madness 3D features
  • 3D control tower perspective
  • 7 air traffic to control: Los Angeles International Airport, Boston Logan, LaGuardia, Toronto Island, Vancouver Harbour float plane base, Jamaica, and Rocky Mountain Metropolitan
  • Play a forest fire fighting operation at Castlegar
  • 4 different views: tower view, runway view, sky view, and pilot view
  • Two radar screens for airborne traffic and ground traffic
  • Highly realistic aircraft flight characteristics
  • Play with real earth data for mountains and surrounding landscape
  • Airports are built from scratch
Release Date22 May 2020
Genre Time Management
OS PC Windows
LanguageEnglish (United States)
Memory1024 MB RAM
File Size100 Mb

Sky Runners

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Above the beautiful skies, Sky Runners seems like a dreamy game adventure among the canyons and valley! Yet, it is not what it seems. In Sky runner, you keep getting attacked by enemy fighter planes. Plunge full speed and dodge incoming projectiles in this sim game, as you fire at your enemy! During your flight, do not forget the weapon upgrades needed for your ultimate domination. Survive this battle and be the best fighter pilot in the world. Check your flying skills with this amazing Flight Sim!

Sky Runners features
  • Realistic 3D graphics
  • Cool weapon upgrades
  • Different challenging levels that will keep your engage throughout this flight simulator
Release Date17 May 2019
Genre Racing Action
Game Developer EA Group
OS PC Windows
LanguageEnglish (United States)
Memory1024 MB RAM
File Size87 Mb

Airport Madness 3D part 2

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Control air traffic in real-world conditions such as tower height, weather, pilot voices, radar screens to avoid conflicts or collisions. This second volume complements the first one with new airports, aircraft, more gates, and sharper details. Unlike Football Manager, you do not need to look for every single member of your team in this Flight Simulator Tycoon Game.

Airport Madness 3D 2 features
  • 8 new airports including John F Kennedy, Toronto Pearson, Miami, London City, San Francisco, Lukla, Nepal, Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok, and Chicago O'Hare
  • All-new career stats page
  • New soundtrack
  • Efficient Apron Parking system
  • Flight Cam and Cross Twice feature
Release Date06 November 2020
Genre Time Management
OS PC Windows
LanguageEnglish (United States)
Memory1024 MB RAM
File Size101 Mb

Rush for Gold: California

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In Rush for Gold: California, travel to the wild west where gold and opportunities are still abundant. This life simulator will let you start from scratch and build a town of your own. In this spectacular time management game, collect the resources needed for the people of your village to prosper. Move closer to your American dream by taking any money making the opportunity that comes along. A little hard work will get you a long way. Don't miss out on this golden ticket to your American dream. Check this old west Life Simulation Game and prosper with your management skills.

Rush for Gold: California features
  • Over 40 unique locations that you can explore
  • Two game modes, challenging mode and the relax mode
  • Unleash your nitro to secure your title
  • Comical characters and exciting farming simulator gameplay
Release Date19 September 2017
Genre Time Management
Game Developer Rainbow Games
OS PC Windows
LanguageEnglish (United States)
Memory1024 MB RAM
File Size195 Mb

GoVenture: Micro Business

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GoVenture: Micro Business simulator prepares you for your business by pushing you into making business decisions. It brings you closer to your dream of being a tycoon. Know the basics of starting and managing a business in this indie educational, fun business game for all ages. When Battle Royale is not your thing, you can share a fantastic couple of hours in this farming sim.

GoVenture: Micro Business features
  • 6 Product Types: Ice Cream, Popcorn, Hot Dogs, Clothing, Jewelry, Electronics
  • Start and run a number of businesses safely through this simulator
  • Easily save and resume your progress at any time in this life sim
  • Educational business and entrepreneurship practice that brings you closer to your dream of being a tycoon
Release Date04 December 2018
Genre Time Management
OS PC Windows
LanguageEnglish (United States)
Memory1024 MB RAM
File Size12 Mb

Bee Garden - The Lost Queen

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Help little bees make delicious honey and find their missing Queen in Bee Garden - The Lost Queen, a delightful time management pastime. The worker bees are tired of spending their days laboring. When they complain to the Queen, she decides to teach them a lesson and leave them without a leader. Now the bees have no guidance and are unable to fend for themselves. Will you help guide the bees to continue producing honey while searching for their lost Queen? Prepare to be the best Bee Simulator player and help your colony in this time of need.

Bee Garden - The Lost Queen features
  • A peaceful gardening setting quickly turns into honey-making madness in 40 beautiful levels
  • Instruct your bees to plant flowers, water them, and then collect the nectar
  • Buy upgrades, including new flower containers and seeds, while fighting pests and weeds
  • You can also enjoy a special hidden object mini-game inside the sim's gameplay itself
Release Date07 May 2013
Genre Time Management
OS PC Windows
LanguageEnglish (United States)
Memory1024 MB RAM
File Size59 Mb

Bloom! A Bouquet for Everyone

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Play over 60 levels in which you'll create custom bouquets and restore Jasmine's passion for her business in this business simulation. Earn tokens to upgrade your shop, hire employees, and see how your flowers change your customers' lives. Keep that "thief simulator" playstyle away from your thought, and change your perspective into a "farming simulator" management game.

Bloom! features
  • Play 60 balanced levels in flower shops around the world
  • Buy 47 different types of item upgrades
  • Meet customers and get to know their story
  • Enjoy the original musical score
Release Date30 March 2018
Genre Time Management
OS PC Windows
LanguageEnglish (United States)
Memory1024 MB RAM
File Size102 Mb

BoomTown! Deluxe

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Your dream of building your thriving town starts with few explosive charges and a yellow truck. As you mine the landscape and the money starts to roll in, you'll be able to expand and manage your business empire, buying buildings, shops, and facilities, much like Stardew Valley! Soon people will be rushing to set up camp in your fledgling town. Then the real challenge begins. This amazing management game will test your skills over five varied scenarios. Each one requires a different approach to maximize your population, and each with a unique set of rewards and complexities that need your mastery to become a true mogul.

BoomTown! Deluxe features
  • 5 scenarios with unique gameplay features
  • Control illness, crime, dirt and hunger and keep the town happy
  • An in depth array of tools, graphs and stats are available for you to maximize your town planning and time management strategy
  • Procedurally generated landscapes
  • Loads of mining upgrades, buildings and the gold market
  • Every game of Boomtown! is a unique test of your strategic management skills
Release Date16 December 2016
Genre Time Management
OS PC Windows
LanguageEnglish (United States)
Memory1024 MB RAM
File Size20 Mb

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Published 02 June 2023

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